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Follow-Ups On Past Endangered Sites

West Virginia Endangered Properties Progress Reports — March 2013

Properties are listed in alphabetical order.

Abruzzino Mansion, Shinnston, Harrison County – 2013 List

Statewide Field Representative, Lynn Stasick, has surveyed the house and is acting as a liaison between the current owners and contractors to gather estimates and develop a preservation plan.  Repairs on the damaged areas of the building are expected to begin later this year.


Ananias Pitsenbarger Farm, Franklin, Pendleton County - 2013 List

The owners are developing a preservation plan for the site.  They are planning to host a meeting for the Pendleton County Historical Society this May.



Arthurdale School Buildings, Arthurdale, Preston County – 2012 List

Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. (AHI) received $5,000 from the WV Brownfields Assistance Center to conduct a marketing study on the business options for the school buildings based on community surveys conducted in 2010.  The group plans to use the results of the study to seek funding and potential partners to work on the redevelopment of the school buildings.  Additionally, AHI has applied for grant funding to hire a full-time staff member who will focus solely on redeveloping the old school buildings. 


Berkeley Springs Train Depot, Berkeley Springs, Morgan County – 2010 List

The Town of Bath received Federal Highway Administration Transportation Enhancement grant funding, which is being used to refurbish the tile roof, restore the 1915-era interior, and rehabilitate surrounding land. 



Blue Sulphur Spring Pavilion, Alderson, Greenbrier County - 2013 List

The WV Division of Culture and History awarded a Survey and Planning Grant in the amount of $35,000 to the Greenbrier County Historic Landmarks Commission, which will work with the Greenbrier Historical Society to bid the architectural and engineering work.  The Greenbrier County Commission has pledged to match this grant as soon as ownership of the property passes to a non-profit organization.  The ownership of the property is expected to be conveyed to the Greenbrier Historical Society sometime in April. 


Bowers House, Mannington, Marion County – 2009 List

The Bowers Heritage Trust is fundraising to restore this historic home. 


Capitol Music Hall, Wheeling, Ohio County – 2009 List

Saved and functioning as it was originally intended - a beautiful theatre for ballets, plays, and more. 


Charles Washington’s Happy Retreat, Charles Town, Jefferson County – 2010 List

The project is in limbo, and the property is currently for sale; although the Friends of Happy Retreat are actively pursuing funding to purchase it.


Church of God and Saints of Christ Tabernacle, Wheeling, Ohio County – 2010 List

East Wheeling Historic District, Wheeling, Ohio County – 2012 List

In the East Wheeling Historic District, historic dwellings on 15th and 16th Streets were lost to demolition in the summer of 2012 to make way for the new JB Chambers Sports Complex.  Residents who were living in the neighborhood lost their lawsuit, which challenged the City of Wheeling’s eminent domain proceedings, arguing the field would be primarily for the benefit of the private Wheeling Central Catholic High School.  The City of Wheeling has not broken ground on the new sports complex, but new housing constructed by Vandalia Heritage Foundation has been completed.

Elkins Coal & Coke Building, Masontown, Preston County – 2011 List

The building was mothballed in 2011.  Slate roofing materials have been acquired to continue preservation efforts, and funds from a 2012 Governor’s Community Participation Grant will be used, along with donations, to put on the new roof. 


Fayette Feed & Fertilizer Building (New River Bikes), Fayetteville, Fayette County - 2012 List

The private owner is planning for renovation.  The bike shop is prosperous and very popular for cycling enthusiasts visiting the New River Gorge National River area.


First Ward School, Elkins, Randolph County – 2009 List

Work began in August 2012 to renovate the building for 16 senior-housing apartments.  The exterior will be completely restored to its early-1900s appearance, and many of the key interior features reminiscent of the school days will be retained and preserved.  The project is expected to be finished by spring or summer of this year.


Fort McCoy, Williamsburg, Greenbrier County – 2012 List

Currently, the logs from the fort are being tagged in preparation for deconstruction, and bids are being sought for deconstruction.  The Badlands Bluegrass Festival is scheduled for June 14-15, 2013.  In July, Boy Scouts attending the National Jamboree in WV are traveling to Fort McCoy over a period of five days for clean-up work at the site. 


Hawks Nest Museum, Ansted, Fayette County – 2010 List

The WV Division of Natural Resources is proceeding with the preservation project to rehabilitate and stabilize the building.

General Albert Gallatin Jenkins House/Plantation, Lesage, Cabell County 2012 List

The US Army Corps of Engineers has completed necessary repairs to the first floor joists and the structural loading capacity meets the International Building Code for “Assembly” areas.  The archaeology site is also preserved and protected.  The Corps transferred control of the Jenkins House and the surrounding four acres to the WV Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) in accordance with the current lease.  There are no plans to reopen the house for public use, but the WVDNR is required to maintain the building.


Little Kanawha Bank, Glenville, Gilmer County – 2010 List

The WV State Folk Festival volunteers are in the process of preserving and restoring the site.  The group is seeking original fixtures and equipment to use for the restoration of the bank.  During the WV State Folk Festival, an exhibit of the Kemper Family bird carvings and paintings is on display. 


Lynnside Manor, Sweet Springs, Monroe County – 2012 List

The private owner is working with the Morgantown-based architecture firm Mills Group, LLC on finalizing restoration plans.  Construction is expected to begin this year.

Mannington Railroad Depot, Mannington, Marion County – 2011 List

The first phase of the “Local-Motive” Historic Train Depot project is well underway.  Historic preservation architect, Mike Gioulis, is developing a feasibility study, which will guide the Mannington Main Street in identifying renovation needs and specifications of the intended use of the space.  Initial training for potential “start-up” businesses and leaders has also begun and should be completed in April 2013.  Phase 2, to begin this year, will identify renovation costs for the building.  Preservation work has begun!  With the help of Lynn Stasick’s window rehabilitation training, volunteers are restoring windows, and the interior is currently being prepared for floor, ceiling, and masonry restoration.  MMS’s projected completion date is Fall 2014.


McCreery Hotel, Hinton, Summers County – 2009 List

MountainPlex Properties, LLC purchased the McCreery Hotel in 2010.  The stately hotel is currently under construction to be restored and renovated as another popular destination in historic Hinton.


Mt. de Chantal Visitation Academy, Wheeling, Ohio County – 2011 List

Lost and demolished in November 2011.  The owner of the old school and site, Wheeling Hospital, has not announced plans for rebuilding on the site.


Old Ansted High School, Ansted, Fayette County – 2011 List

In 2011, Lynn Stasick, PAWV statewide field representative, worked with a group of students from Concord University on a project to promote the restoration and reuse of the old high school.  The students conducted an analysis of the old Ansted High School as part of an effort to save the building as a multi-use public facility, in addition to developing a plan for adaptive reuse.  The students presented these plans during an open discussion with the town council, members of the police force, and concerned citizens.  The city was receptive to the students’ ideas and has been developing a plan to redevelop the site. 

Old Brick Church, Union, Monroe County – 2012 List

With support from a Governor’s Community Participation Grant, the Monroe County Historical Society has replaced the front steps of the church with a design that is an exact copy of the former steps.  The group also installed a French drain on the northern side of the building to protect the stone foundation from water damage.  Additional problems being addressed in the upcoming year include re-pointing the bricks in several areas and rehabilitating the plaster on the massive front columns.  The group is actively seeking matching grant funds for the Community Participation Grant.


Old Clay County Courthouse, Clay, Clay County – 2012 List

The Clay County Landmarks Commission and Historical Society is working to restore the building.  Recent progress includes work on the historic cupola and updating of the electrical system.


Old Glenville Bridge, Glenville, Gilmer County – 2009 List

A short section, which connected the embankment and the bridge, collapsed after a winter snowstorm in February 2010.  The site has been cleaned, and the salvageable materials were retrieved from the wreckage.  Some wooden sections have been rehabilitated to be used to stabilize the Duck Run Bridge in Gilmer County.  The trusses still need to be transported from the site to a nearby storage unit.

Old Greenbrier County Public Library, Lewisburg, Greenbrier County – 2010 List

The City of Lewisburg leased the historic pink library to the New River Community and Technical College Greenbrier Valley Campus for its college library.  Through this partnership, the old library and annex have been preserved and renovated.  In October 2012, the college celebrated the reopening of the library and annex as the College Library, which will serve all five campuses and be open to the public.


Riverside African-American School, Elkins, Randolph County – 2010 List

Through the Governor’s Community Participation Grant, the Riverside School Association has hired architect Bryson Van Nostrand to develop architectural drawings in order the move forward with the adaptive re-use of the historic Riverside High School into the Riverside Multi-Cultural Heritage Center.  The Riverside School Association has also acquired the Old African Methodist Episcopal Church located next door to the school, and the group is rehabilitating the facility to work in partnership with Riverside School adaptive re-use goals.  The future goal is to create an African-American Historic District in Elkins.  The 5th Annual Riverside Blues Festival is scheduled for July 20, 2013 with a Riverside Blues Train trip scheduled for the following day.  Proceeds benefit the adaptive re-use of the Riverside School. 




Second Presbyterian Church, Wheeling, Ohio County - 2013 List

The owner of the building, Near Earth Object Foundation, has submitted engineering plans to the City of Wheeling.  Once the plans are approved, the roof will be completed immediately to establish a weather-resistant enclosure. 


Shanklin’s Grand Theatre, Ronceverte, Greenbrier County – 2011 List

The Ronceverte Historic Landmarks Commission is working with the City of Ronceverte to obtain ownership of the property.  Once the city owns the property, the goal is to create a Grand Theatre Restoration Committee to establish a fundraising strategy to restore the treasured theatre.  An engineering study and assessment on the structural integrity of the building are planned for next year.


Staats Hospital, Charleston, Kanawha County – 2012 List

The building is currently owned by American Pride Properties, LLC and West Side Main Street (WSMS) has been interested in saving the building for several years.  The most current activity has led the WSMS Board of Directors to begin negotiations with the seller, however nothing concrete has been determined and a purchase agreement has not been executed.  Additionally, the FOCUS grant was repurposed to determine ownership of the building and has not been used for site visioning and revitalization.

Quarrier Diner, Charleston, Kanawha County – 2010 List

Saved and open to serve great food in downtown Charleston.


Tyler County Home, Tyler County – 2009 List

Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, Harrison County – 2009 List

A local support group, the Waldo Hotel Preservation Society, is working with the owner, Vandalia Heritage Foundation, to fundraise for the restoration and redevelopment of the building.




“The Westly”, Sears Kit Home, Lewisburg, Greenbrier County - 2013 List

The Lewisburg Historic Landmarks Commission is working with the Greenbrier County Commission to locate a new use for the building.

Whipple Company Store, Scarbro, Fayette County – 2011 List

The Whipple Company Store has made some significant progress.  Renovation of the butcher shop was completed in September 2012, and the shop will serve as a very nice reception room and genealogy study space.  Also in September, a wedding reception was held at the store and was the first since 1924!  In July 2013, the Boy Scouts participating in the National Jamboree will assist with projects like the Amphitheatre construction for re-enactment performances and the community garden for organic food growing education.


William & Mary Queen Store, Crum, Wayne County – 2012 List

The Coalfield Development Corporation (CDC) has secured a purchase agreement of the property and is seeking grant funding to rehabilitate the structure.  The CDC continues to work toward nomination the property for listing in the National Register of Historic Places with the ultimate goal to renovate the historic site.


Woodlawn Cemetery Chapel & Residence, Fairmont, Marion County – 2011 List

The Friends of Historic Woodlawn Cemetery has submitted three grant applications, which were prepared by students, for rehabilitation of the caretaker’s home and for a Civil War component to the website.  They have started an Adopt-a-Grave program and have been given a directional street sign to point the way to the Woodlawn Cemetery.


WV Colored Children’s Home, Huntington/Guyandotte, Cabell County – 2011 List

Lost and demolished in May 2011 to make way for the new Huntington East Middle School.

WV Northern Railroad Water Tower, Kingwood, Preston County – 2012 List

Stanley Hostler donated approximately 2.5 acres of land and the Northern Railroad Water Tower to Friends of the Cheat to facilitate the revitalization of the former railroad site into a public park and trailhead for the future Kingwood to Tunnelton rail-trail.  According to artist renderings of the revitalization plans, the historic water tower will mark the welcome area and entry onto the rail-trail.


Wyco Church, Mullens, Wyoming County – 2009 List

In the spring of 2010, Cornell University students, along with local volunteers and Lynn Stasick, PAWV statewide field representative, rehabilitated all of the gothic windows in the church. The exterior of the building boasts a fresh coat of paint and a new roof. Timber cribbing was installed to support the weakened trusses, and electricity has been installed for the church.  The church pews and wainscoting are being stored offsite so additional preservation work can be done to the interior. However, lack of funds has stalled much of the preservation work since the summer of 2011, and the Rural Appalachian Improvement League (RAIL) is working to secure additional funding to restore the old church.