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Follow-Ups On Past Endangered Sites

West Virginia Endangered Properties Progress Reports — August 2015

Properties are listed in alphabetical order.

Abruzzino Mansion, Shinnston, Harrison County – 2013 List

Statewide Field Representative, Lynn Stasick, has surveyed the house and is acting as a liaison between the current owners and contractors to gather estimates and develop a preservation plan.  Repairs on the damaged areas of the building are expected to begin later this year.

Ananias Pitsenbarger Farm, Franklin, Pendleton County - 2013 List

The owners are developing a preservation plan for the site.  They are planning to host a meeting for the Pendleton County Historical Society this May.


Arthurdale School Buildings, Arthurdale, Preston County – 2012 List

In 2014, a project that would turn the historic Arthurdale High School into 12 apartments is halted  after the developer couldn’t arrange a system to treat and discharge sewage. 


Beckley Courthouse Square National Historic District,
 Beckley, Raleigh County – 2015 List

In April 2015, after placing the district on its Endangered Properties List, the Preservation  Alliance surveyed the district in an effort to provide: 1. An assessment of the condition of the district in accordance with the Beckley Historic Landmark Commission’s “Architectural Review & Summary Guidelines”  2. A list of suggestions to maintain the district’s integrity and prevent its removal from the  National Register  3. Examples of other West Virginia communities that maintain successful revitalization efforts in their historic downtowns  4. Recommendations for the revitalization and overall improvement of the district.  The full report is available HERE.

Berkeley Springs Train Depot, Berkeley Springs, Morgan County – 2010 List

Substantial work has been done to rehabilitate the train depot.  The roof was completed in August 2015 after being covered in Titanium underlayment in 2011 with support from the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office and Governor Tomblin’s office.  Other grant support includes a Department of Environmental Protection grant for a new HVAC system and Transportation Enhancement grants for exterior rehabilitation and walkways. 


Blue Sulphur Spring Pavilion, Alderson, Greenbrier County - 2013 List

The Greenbrier Historical Society / Friends of the Blue Committee received grants from the WV State Historic Preservation Office and a private foundation to perform emergency stabilization of the Blue Sulphur Springs Pavilion. Allegheny Restoration completed the work, which included reinforcing the foundation, removing the dormers, and installing a temporary roof. The stewards of the pavilion are currently seeking funds for phase II of the project.


Bowers House, Mannington, Marion County – 2009 List

The 22-room mansion is currently for sale.  

Capitol Music Hall, Wheeling, Ohio County – 2009 List

Saved and functioning as it was originally intended - a beautiful theatre for ballets, plays, and more. 


Charles Washington’s Happy Retreat, Charles Town, Jefferson County – 2010 List

Friends of Happy Retreat announced recently that it has received a major gift to fund the purchase of Happy Retreat, the historic home of Charles Washington, younger brother of George Washington and founder of Charles Town.  Friends of Happy Retreat was established in 2006 for the purpose of acquiring and restoring Happy Retreat as a center for culture and history for Charles Town, Jefferson County, and beyond. In December, 2014, the City of Charles Town and the non-profit Friends of Happy Retreat agreed to work together to purchase the 12 acre Happy Retreat property, owned by the Gavin family, who have been stewards of the estate for a generation. The City agreed to purchase 10 acres of land which it will include in a planned linear park along Evitts Run in Charles Town’s West End. Friends of Happy Retreat agreed to purchase the house, historic outbuildings, and the two acres of remaining land. With this major milestone of acquisition reached, the Friends of Happy Retreat can progress into the effort to restore the Happy Retreat estate as a center for community events, heritage tourism, arts and culture, and scholarship. The Happy Retreat grounds will also connect to existing City of Charles Town park and recreational lands, as part of an overall Charles Town initiative to revitalize the community’s west end.


Church of God and Saints of Christ Tabernacle - "The Blue Church",
Wheeling, Ohio County – 2010 List

This 1837 Greek Revival church is one of the few pre-Civil War buildings remaining in Wheeling, WV. This building is the best example of Greek Revival architecture in Wheeling and is one of the oldest church buildings in our community. It was consecrated as St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church on October 27, 1837, by Bishop William Meade. When that congregation moved to its fourth home, the church was purchased by the First Baptist Church, whose members called it home for nearly 100 years. The building most recently was used by the Church of God and Saints of Christ.

When the Ohio Valley Young Preservationists (OVYP) and the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation (WNHAC) heard that the church was for sale, they partnered to buy the building. Through generous donations from two local foundations and countless individuals from all over the country, the partners were able to raise the funds necessary to acquire the building.

Architects, structural engineers, electricians, environmental assessors, and others have been through the building and have provided OVYP and WNHAC with a detailed breakdown of the work needed. The first phase of work includes the rather urgent replacement of the roof and box gutters, as well as repair work on the pediment and eaves. The estimated cost of this work is approximately $135,000.

OVYP and WNHAC need your help. Your donations, large and small, will help us reach our goal of $135,000. Donors giving at least $25 will be automatically entered into a raffle to win the lovely, crotched, 8-bit heart that adorned the Professional Building during this year’s “lovescaping” of downtown Wheeling. 

Please send an email to Jeremy at jmorris@wheelingheritage.org and Liz at ovyp.info@gmail.com if you have any questions.



East Wheeling Historic District, Wheeling, Ohio County – 2012 List

In the East Wheeling Historic District, historic dwellings on 15th and 16th Streets were lost to demolition in the summer of 2012 to make way for the new JB Chambers Sports Complex.  Residents who were living in the neighborhood lost their lawsuit, which challenged the City of Wheeling’s eminent domain proceedings, arguing the field would be primarily for the benefit of the private Wheeling Central Catholic High School.  The City of Wheeling has not broken ground on the new sports complex, but new housing constructed by Vandalia Heritage Foundation has been completed.

Elkins Coal & Coke Building, Masontown, Preston County – 2011 List

The Monongahela River Trails Conservancy has been hard at work raising funds to reuse the Elkins Coal & Coke Building as a visitors center for the Deckers Creek Rail Trail. Since May 2014, the organization has raised $115,000 towards the effort.


Fayette Feed & Fertilizer Building (New River Bikes),
Fayetteville, Fayette County - 2012 List

The private owner is planning for renovation.  The bike shop is prosperous and very popular for cycling enthusiasts visiting the New River Gorge National River area.


Feagans’ Mill, Kabletown, Jefferson County – 2014 List

The owners have begun the process of nominating Feagans’ Mill for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. They have also removed debris from the site and secured sufficient supplies of Northwest Fir in preparation for the restoration.

First Ward School, Elkins, Randolph County – 2009 List

The historic First Ward School Apartments is a low-income senior community apartment complex.This community is located in the beautifully converted First Ward School near downtown Elkins. The building has been renovated with many modern conveniences.


Glen Jean School, Glen Jean, Fayette County – 2014 List

The owners have successfully worked with the Fayette County Sheriff’s office to prosecute the theft of more than 20 windows from the Glen Jean School. However, vandalism continues to be an issue. The owners are working to secure an on-site caretaker for the property, as well as funding for a new roof.


Golden Rule Building, Belington, Barbour County – 2014 List

The Belington Revitalization Committee and Woodlands Development have been hard at work cleaning up the exterior of the Golden Rule and securing funds to purchase the building. Renovation plans are also in the works. The building is slated to have retail space on the first floor and residential spaces on the second and third floors. In addition, an article about the Golden Rule’s water-powered elevator appeared in the October 2014 issue of Elevator World magazine.

Hawks Nest Museum, Ansted, Fayette County – 2010 List

The restoration of the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum at Hawks Nest has been put on hold until additional funding is secured.


General Albert Gallatin Jenkins House/Plantation, Lesage, Cabell County – 2012 List

The US Army Corps of Engineers has completed necessary repairs to the first floor joists and the structural loading capacity meets the International Building Code for “Assembly” areas.  The archaeology site is also preserved and protected.  The Corps is looking for a tenant for the building.


Little Kanawha Bank, Glenville, Gilmer County – 2010 List



Lynnside Manor, Sweet Springs, Monroe County – 2012 List

As of 2015, progress has been made on detailed plans for Lynnside Manor, the central building in the Lynnside Historic District. Work has also begun on the landscaping of the historic district. Existing heritage trees were pruned and about 30 new trees were or will soon be planted.


Mannington Railroad Depot, Mannington, Marion County – 2011 List


McCoy Fort, Williamsburg, Greenbrier County – 2012 List

McCoy Fort was disassembled in Summer 2013, and the fort’s steward is now preparing to move and reassemble all of the pieces—including the foundation stones—on a new site two miles away.


McCreery Hotel, Hinton, Summers County – 2009 List

MountainPlex Properties, LLC purchased the McCreery Hotel in 2010.  The stately hotel is currently under construction to be restored and renovated as another popular destination in historic Hinton.


Mt. de Chantal Visitation Academy, Wheeling, Ohio County – 2011 List

Lost and demolished in November 2011.  The owner of the old school and site, Wheeling Hospital, has not announced plans for rebuilding on the site.


Old Ansted High School, Ansted, Fayette County – 2011 List

Old Brick Church, Union, Monroe County – 2012 List

The Monroe County Historical Society will begin repairs on the Old First Baptist Church in the Spring of 2015. Work will include repairing the columns and repointing the brick.


Old Clay County Courthouse, Clay, Clay County – 2012 List


Old Glenville Bridge, Glenville, Gilmer County – 2009 List

A short section, which connected the embankment and the bridge, collapsed after a winter snowstorm in February 2010.  The site has been cleaned, and the salvageable materials were retrieved from the wreckage.  Some wooden sections have been rehabilitated to be used to stabilize the Duck Run Bridge in Gilmer County.  The trusses still need to be transported from the site to a nearby storage unit.

Old Greenbrier County Public Library, Lewisburg, Greenbrier County – 2010 List

The City of Lewisburg leased the historic pink library to the New River Community and Technical College Greenbrier Valley Campus for its college library.  Through this partnership, the old library and annex have been preserved and renovated.  In October 2012, the college celebrated the reopening of the library and annex as the College Library, which will serve all five campuses and be open to the public.


Old Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, Fayette County – 2014 List

The Town of Fayetteville has been working with PAWV’s Field Services Representative on plans to abate mold and mildew in the Old Fayetteville High School. The town is also in talks with an architectural firm to develop a set of architectural drawings to help with the restoration effort. In the meantime, a number of groups in the community have expressed interest in using the space following restoration.

Riverside African-American School, Elkins, Randolph County – 2010 List

ed for the following day.  Proceeds benefit the adaptive re-use of the Riverside School. 


Second Presbyterian Church, Wheeling, Ohio County - 2013 List

With the assistance of over 30 volunteers, new trusses, sheathing, and roll on roofing were installed in the Second Presbyterian Church. The roll on roofing is a temporary fix until a tin roof can be purchased and installed. In order to raise funds for the renovation, the Near Earth Object Foundation is selling the non-original details of the building (tin ceiling, church pews, etc.). Contact PAWV at 304-345-6005 if you’re interested in purchasing materials.


Shanklin’s Grand Theatre, Ronceverte, Greenbrier County – 2011 List

Staats Hospital, Charleston, Kanawha County – 2012 List

Construction is underway at the former Staats Hospital in Charleston’s West Side. Developer Tighe Bullock has big plans for the historic building. The former hospital has been vacant for at least ten years and is now getting a makeover. By summer of 2015, a few retail stores and even a restaurant could be moving into the Washington Street West building. Bullock repaired the roof to get it through the winter and is now working on building the store fronts. With the renovation of this “entrance gate” of West Side, Bullock hopes that the rest of the area will eventually follow suit.

The Charleston Area Alliance supplied a $150,000 loan and $15,000 grant to help the project. SHPO granted $78,000 through the 2015 WV Historic Development Grants and West Side Main Street assisted with a $20,000 matching grant.


Quarrier Diner, Charleston, Kanawha County – 2010 List

Saved and open to serve great food in downtown Charleston.


Tyler County Home, Tyler County – 2009 List

Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, Harrison County – 2009 List

The Waldo Hotel is under new ownership and is being renovated.



“The Westly”, Sears Kit Home, Lewisburg, Greenbrier County - 2013 List

The Lewisburg Historic Landmarks Commission is in the process of identifying and securing funds to pay for repairs to the roof and for exterior painting. In addition, an organization is using the Westly for the first time in a number of years.



Whipple Company Store, Scarbro, Fayette County – 2011 List

With the assistance of PAWV’s Field Services Representative, the Whipple Company Store’s windows, doors, and roof have been weatherproofed. A crew of volunteers painted the exterior of the building to preserve the wood. The grounds have also received attention, including the addition of a victory garden, a picnic area, a simulated coal mine, and a small, outdoor amphitheater.


William & Mary Queen Store, Crum, Wayne County – 2012 List

Coalfield Development Corporation took ownership of the William & Mary Queen Store Building in January 2015. Funding sources have been secured to adaptively reuse the property as mixed-income apartments. CDC is looking into additional funding for a library, fitness center, and Wayne County tourism kiosk.


Woodlawn Cemetery Chapel & Residence, Fairmont, Marion County – 2011 List


WV Colored Children’s Home, Huntington/Guyandotte, Cabell County – 2011 List

Lost and demolished in May 2011 to make way for the new Huntington East Middle School.

WV Northern Railroad Water Tower, Kingwood, Preston County – 2012 List


Wyco Church, Mullens, Wyoming County – 2009 List